Products & Services

The levels of demand practiced nowadays in the various industries, require a great deal of control in the production
process and its Quality. 

For this purpose, at Tecnocrimp we possess a wide range of machinery, which allows us a high level of automation
along all our production, from its early stages to the final quality inspection.

Cable Harnesses

We specialize in the manufacture of harnesses for:

  • Recognition/identification and mechatronics equipment (ATMs & other money handling machines);
  • Automatic payment systems (pay tolls, kiosks);
  • Household appliances (coffee makers, irons);
  • Major appliances (refrigerators, ovens, grills);
  • Air purifiers;
  • Fleet management and GPS tracking systems; 

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  • Small assemblies of the harnesses manufactured by Tecnocrimp, which help our Clients integration on their final equipments.

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Product Engineering

  • We support our Clients product development, on a consulting basis, by elaborating technical specifications of its harnesses.

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