About Tecnocrimp

Established in 2005, Tecnocrimp has its base on the knowledge of people with strong bonds to the electric and electronic industry, with experience in Management, Production Engineering and Quality Control.

We are a company focused on our Clients needs/requisites, being therefore certified according to ISO 9001:2008, since 2009.

Our objective is to supply technological e quality added value solutions, at the lowest cost.

We use the most modern organizational systems to allow us a high degree of flexibility in our production.

We offer our Clients support in their industrialization, inside our core business of cable harness manufacture.

In 2013, Tecnocrimp was awarded, for the quality of its performance and profile, the “PME Líder” label, which distinguishes the best SMEs based in Portugal.

 The key to our success is to contribute to the success of our Customers.

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